Canvas Stretching for Vancouver’s Artists & Photographers

Take a picture with your phone and don’t want it to end up in a folder on your computer forever? You can develop it on canvas! Make it a piece of art. They can do any size that you want from images 4x7 to as big as a movie poster. Stretch bars custom cut to suit any type canvas. ¾ inch or 1 ¼ Inch stretcher depth. Don’t let your artistic side go to waste. Call us today to talk more about our canvas stretching options.

Metro Art & Frame is the shop that photographers, designers and artists trust for canvas stretching in Vancouver. Whether you want to give favourite photographs the look of fine art or you need canvases stretched for your own original work, we have the equipment to give you the most beautiful results!

Custom-Cut Stretcher Bars

We custom cut stretcher bars to suit any type or size of canvas, ensuring that the canvas stays beautifully taut in the frame. Our stretchers not only prevent wrinkles from distorting your canvas but are also specially milled and shaped to prevent marking the canvas over time.

Variety of Stretcher Depths

Metro Art & Frame also offers a variety of stretcher depths to suit the kind of frame you would like to add to the picture. We offer traditional stretcher depths ranging from 3/4 inch to 7/8 inch, for framing, and up to 1¼-inch depth for either framing or hanging directly without a frame.

Picture It: Transfer Photos to Canvas

We can print photographs as small as 4 x 7 and up to movie poster size on canvas, giving them the look of painted portraits and landscapes. If your best photographs are hidden in shoe boxes in your closet, albums on your shelves or folders in your computer, consider giving them a new life and a new audience as art on your walls!

Once your canvas is stretched and prepared, Metro Art & Frame can offer you a variety of traditional and contemporary framing options to suit your décor. Bring your photographs and paintings to Metro Art & Frame and see how our affordable canvas stretching service can transform your pictures.

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